Feature Description
  • Support for Cash salesCredit sales (Invoicing) and Wholesale.
  • Track on sales persons performance
  • Automatic receipt printing
  • Automatic stock level update on sales and purchases
  • Auto Cash Drawer on sales and drawer access only to authorized cashiers.
  • Automatic profits and tax Calculations
Stock Control
  • All stock valuation
  • Stock Level value available at any time
  • Reorder level Stock Warning
  • Out of Stock Notification
  • Stock take feature with variance report
Suppliers/ Creditors control
  • Issuance of the Goods Received note upon confirmation of goods received
  • Automatic stock updates
  • Suppliers balances report
  • Supplier/ Creditor statements
  • Cash/ Credit purchases control
  • Profit project reports upon receiving goods
Customers/ Debtors control
  • Debtors statements automatic generation
  • Issuance of Invoices and Delivery notes upon goods out of stores
  • Automatic generation of customer balance
Branches/ Remote Outlets Management
  • Inventory management system for a multi-retail-site and a central distribution system
  • Inter Branch stock transfers
  • Central management of all branches
Accounts, Cash, Bank and Assests  Control
  • All bank accounts, and cash are setup during initial setup of the system, the system can generate relevant statements at any given time on either account
  • Expenses accounts can also be controlled and relevant reports generated at anytime
VAT (Value Added Tax) Analysis
  • Z-report
  • Sales reports with calculated VAT
  • Reports on all stock movement, sales with associated profits and VAT paid, Daily expenses, accounting  reports, Customer and Suppliers Statements, systems users log among other reports
Convenience Features
  • Remote internet Access
  • Data and Reports can be imported or exported from/to  QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel, Acrobat Reader (For emailing), Ms Access, etc.  and vice versa
  • Multiple Point of Sales
Security Features
  • Passwords determine the functions a person can access.
  • All sales transactions are logged with the date, time and name of the system user or sales person.
  • Optional requirement for a manager’s password before other sensitive banking, cash and stock services can be performed
  • Data backup and restore feature.